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Leadership training programs

Effective leadership training programs can determine the success of a team and organization. Take for example the great quarterbacks of the NFL, influential policymakers, and the implementers of lasting change in our society; they all most certainly had a close team of coaches and advisors.  Our company can act as advisors to your leadership and executives.

We utilize many resources to best advise and provide consultation for your business.  Specialized facilitators can administer and debrief the MBTI test, (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) as well as DiSC, a personal assessment profile.  While these are tried and true methods across the consulting industry, we have crafted some of our own methodologies to complement these mechanisms.

Taking the time to evaluate and retool the thinking of an organization takes an unbiased eye and expertise, but once you begin down this route of reflection and discourse it’s a road with unlimited rewards. Positive Adventures can help you.

Leadership Development

Onyx Teams and Offsites utilizes experiential and diverse methods in addition to the more well-known personality assessments to evaluate the leadership and management styles of your executives. We will then provide custom-tailored executive training through the use of our effective and experiential methods. We can also provide your executive team the tools to carry on your own experiential trainings with our Train the Trainer program. 

Creating workforces that can handle challenges is essential in this climate. The purpose of the training is to help leaders learn how to improve collaboration and communication, achieve objectives, build a culture that retains talent, and earns loyalty and commitment from team members. We offer a series of management and leadership courses and leadership training programs that are free through the online resources of the Open University. These courses have relevant material for leaders at all levels, from those who are starting out in their leadership roles to those who have been leading for years. One of the most beneficial courses for a seasoned leader is focused

Leadership training program examples

STAR Program: Staff Training and Retention

The STAR program is an innovative and revolutionary leadership training course, long-term staff training & retention resource that will ultimately enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction. This program helps to create an environment in which employees can become healthier, grow as a team, and be more active in their communities.

Creating a Culture of Resilience

Studies show that creating a culture of wellness (mental, physical, and emotional) within a company is vital for positive employee morale, increased productivity & performance, and commitment to company values. Learn how stress is quite often created. We will also introduce a number of leadership tools to help you and your team maintain a resilient, calm, and cohesive workspace.

The 5 Key Elements of Workplace Collaboration

In this team development workshop, we will focus on the 5 key elements of workplace collaboration and how to utilize every element to manage effectively. Both clarity and transparency from upper management are important in today’s workplace. Employees want to know what they’re expected to do, when it should be completed, and how it will be measured. We often focus on strategy, goal-setting, key performance indicators, and more. But we don’t often stop to observe the veiled dynamics of our personnel. How is your team working collaboratively to be most efficient?

Creating Growth With Gusto

This strategy workshop is designed for the highest-level executives. Its focus will be on defining your strategic plan, developing principles for success, and introducing sustainable strategic planning. Through a series of activity-based discussions, the group will identify strategies that will be used to guide top-level decisions on a daily basis.

The 4 Types of Inspirational Leadership

This program approaches personal leadership styles from a more versatile perspective than typical assessments. It provides an introduction to 4 leadership styles and how they relate to one another.

How do we self- and emotionally identify? How do others see us? This approach urges leaders to go beyond the use of just one management style and consider what it takes to speak multiple “leadership languages.” Put this in to practice and see your morale and productivity skyrocket!

Metric Mapping: Developing KPIs for Success

This program digs deeper into numbers, data, and the true measurement of success. How are individuals, departments, and the overall company performing? Without key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s unlikely that your executive team (or anyone else) will truly know what company initiatives are successful or not. In this session, we will discuss what accountability looks like as an individual, as a department, and as an organization. We will create relevant, attainable, and quantitative goals that get results.

Workplace Appreciation

Aren’t your employees fabulous? Yeah… we think so too! Boost performance and engagement with a workplace appreciation program! Employee recognition programs are growing in popularity for many reasons. They create an optimistic and enjoyable workplace where employees feel recognized, and provide an opportunity to build on your company culture (your organizational culture is POWERFUL stuff, folks!) By participating in fun, engaging, team building activities, this program will strengthen employee relationships and allow teams to share in each other’s success.

Culture, Conflict & Communication

Helping to create a positive atmosphere and a happy workplace can be difficult work. Though conflict will inevitably arise, we’ve got some great tools for successful resolutions. This workshop will equip you with effective conflict resolution techniques, plus provide ways to prevent workplace issues before they begin. Groups will learn how to embrace conflict, instead of fear it.

Core Values Workshop

This groundbreaking workshop unifies your team by guiding you through a series of activities resulting in your organization’s UNIQUE list of impactful core values. Whether your business is in its infancy or well-established, this workshop creates clarity and a unified vision for every member of your organization. Establish your values, define your brand, and bring your team together under a unified banner.

MBTI Personality Inventory & DISC Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is utilized to decode the theory of psychological types as described by C. G. Jung, making them understandable and useful in people’s lives.

Another useful tool in our facilitator’s arsenal is the DiSC Personal Assessment. DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. DiSC is non-judgmental and helps participants discuss their behavioral differences.

Customized Consulting Programs

Many management teams, executive leadership, and organizations will benefit from our Customized Consulting. By doing a thorough history and analysis of the group, highly skilled and seasoned consultants can merge different program menu options into the most beneficial experience for the group. Our highly successful ongoing programs at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego are one example of a relationship crafted in this way.

Train the Trainer

If you would be interested in gaining mastery of our experiential education concepts to implement in your office or organization, allow us to collaborate on a program for your leaders. We will give you the tools you need to get results, build relationships, and utilize the talents of your team.