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Employee wellness is essential to any business.

When employees feel overwhelmed at work, they often forget to take care of their own health. This can lead to poor productivity and a stressful work environment.

To combat this issue, many organizations are incorporating wellness and resilience training into the workplace. This includes focusing on both the mental and physical health of their team members.

Onyx Wellness Programs are designed to physically, mentally and spiritually engage all teams in a variety of environmental scenarios - a virtual wellness program selected from multiple options, to half or full-day programs onsite or offsite, to remote travel wellness retreat destinations.

Our versatile programming teaches companies how to incorporate wellness and resilience into the workplace. We teach tips, tricks, and long-term solutions for improving both the mental & physical health of your team.

Wellness & Reinvigoration Day

Our Wellness and Reinvigoration Day is a half or full day program which educates participants about the importance of wellness and stress management in the workplace. After the presentation, your organization will have the opportunity to learn from wellness facilitators and practice new wellness techniques!

Wellness Program Options:

  • Meal Prep Workshop: Easy ways to eat healthy every day
  • Smoothie Making: Quick & healthy smoothie recipes
  • Yoga: Maintain physical & mental balance
  • Meditation: Clear the mind & learn stress release techniques
  • Functional Movement: Improve balance, posture & increase flexibility
  • Self Compassion: Learn compassion for self and others to prevent burnout & increase overall wellbeing
  • Breathwork, guest speakers and more!

Customized Wellness Programs for Your Company Retreat

Whether you want to stay local or travel to a remote location, Onyx offers customized Wellness Retreats combining consulting, outdoor activities, and hands-on learning. We bring together our team of professionals to provide top-notch support and organization for your program so the theme fits your company’s needs.

Wellness Program Themes:

  • Building Resilient Leaders: Learn tools and habits to build resilience to better handle external pressure.
  • Healthy Habits and Productivity: Grow your ability to stay in the present moment, enabling you to be more productive and accomplish more.
  • Live Your Best You: Focus on diet, wellness routine, and goal setting while forming relationships and accountability partners to achieve wellness objectives.

We make it easy to plan your next Wellness Retreat

Healthy Living Workshops

  • Healthy Meal Prepping
  • Smoothie Making
  • Elixirs, Teas & Tonics
  • Healthy Sleep Habits

Delicious Meals

  • Organic Food
  • Customizable Menu
  • Professional Chefs
  • All Meals Included

Wellness Activities

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Tai Chi & More!

Accommodation Sourcing

  • Retreat Center
  • Private Home
  • Tent Camping
  • Hotel & Resort

Virtual Team Wellness

As recent times clearly showcased through the global health crisis and pandemic, taking care of your mind and body remains as important as ever, and this is especially true for employees who are working in remote offices via their homes or other offsite locations. Go beyond the standard workout video and help create connection between virtual team members through our Team Wellness Programs. Team workouts include ice breaker activities, individual and family wellness plans, and facilitated post-workout discussions.

Sample Wellness Program Options:

  • Guided Meditation & Journaling
  • Yoga
  • Healthy Sleep Habits
  • 30 Minute Meals/Healthy Meal Prep
  • Interval Training
  • Healthy Habits for Working at Home

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“Onyx brought the idea for a Wellness Program supporting our Annual Sales Conference in 2017 and the response was so strong we continue to incorporate their Wellness Programs into all of our events. They keep the programs fresh and bring new ideas to the table each year so it never feels stale. They develop creative sessions that support all aspects of Wellness as well as source sought after guest speakers. The overall feedback we get from our employees is incredibly positive in that they feel our company is supporting them in a way that helps them both professionally and personally, and we credit Jered and team for helping us create that culture here at Unum!”

Scott Sawyer,AVP, Sales & Client Management Compensation at Unum