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What We Do —

Onyx has created the most current and updated models of programming delivery to support the development of strong cultures and to address and resolve the unnecessary conflicts that often develop within the workplace. We continue to rise to the challenge of the changing and evolving times of our world, resulting in constant expansion of the development of new programming based on the needs of teams, managers and individuals alike.

In a post-pandemic world, a new normal has emerged that has changed the way we work, connect, communicate and collaborate with one another. Onyx Offsites & Trainings is committed to delivering lasting impact and value through our programs for in-person, hybrid and remote workstyle modalities.

Training & Development

Education and professional growth is a key cornerstone to every organization. Let us help you develop talent and retain key team members. The Onyx Learning & Development department brings a fresh, fun, and exciting style to the board room, where death by PowerPoint is never allowed! Expect engaging experiential’s that will ground learning and increase engagement. Onyx is on the cutting edge of key topics including Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Coaching Conversations, and Feedback.

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Small businesses to the Fortune 500 have relied on us to deliver fun experiences with a lasting impact for over 18 years. The camaraderie drawn from a light-hearted day creating shared memories provides a platform for discussion, reflection, and change. You’ll feel a deeper connection to your coworkers and the meaning behind your work. Choose from a variety of program options or allow our team building experts to create a unique experience just for you.

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For the past 18 years, our Offsite Retreats have wowed our clients. We combine operational services (accommodation sourcing, food, activities and programs) with our unique style of facilitation and learning. We are Outdoor Business Specialists that focus on elite corporate team building in magical environments where your team will grow and inspire within. We partner with certified and licensed third-party organizations to ensure any activities your organization wishes to participate in are in accordance with their licensing and pre-requirements. We manage the planning and coordination of all of the details and allow our clients with the ability to have the licensed experts of those activities apply their expertise and execution. 

With offsite locations available nationally and worldwide, tap into our expertise to make this year’s offsite easy to plan with maximized potential for building culture and connection, and providing a relaxing and rewarding experience they will never forget!

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Community Outreach (CSR)

Our company was founded on the value that teams who give back together, grow together. When you see the impact that your generosity has on populations who need support, it grounds your team in humanity and provides a sense of purpose. We have 18+ years of experience facilitating community outreach and building a non-profit network. Let us help you help others.

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It’s a simple fact: we cannot pour from an empty well. We are firm believers in the power of sustained wellness practices to promote individual and team well-being. Whether it be a focus on physical, emotional, or mental wellness, we can support your team to live their best personal and professional lives.

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Onyx recognizes that team building, bonding and training is a critical component to maintaining a positive and productive team and culture, regardless of whether they take place in person or online. Our virtual programs have proven to foster team collaboration, motivation and inspiration for colleagues working remotely from home, resulting in deeper connections between members. Various remote team building programs, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length are available to groups sizes large or small.

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