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Customized Experiences for Your Team

Whether you want to stay local or travel to a remote location, Onyx offers customizable company and management offsites and retreats by combining corporate concierge consulting and planning services, hands-on integrated learning, group connection programs and elevated outdoor and adventure experiences. 

We will research, coordinate and manage the identification of any outdoor and adventure activities your group is interested in, manage all of the planning logistics, and will connect your group with the third-party licensed providers to allow your group to contract with them directly for ease of coordination of any waivers and liability information between their program and your group. It’s seamless and convenient and provides your organization with a guarantee that any adventure activities included in your offsite are being run by the certified professionals of the third party provider. 

Team Development

  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Wellness Programing

Delicious Meals

  • Organic Food
  • Customizable Menu
  • Professional Chefs
  • All Meals Included

Adventure Activities

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Yoga and More!
  • Third party licensed and insured companies brought in, based on activity selected

Accommodation Sourcing

  • Retreat Center
  • Private Home
  • Tent Camping
  • Glamping

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Bringing your team together outside of the office can be the most powerful tool to create change.

We host offsites and retreats for some of the top companies in the country. A team that is engaged, has strong camaraderie and a clear vision is capable of sustainable and smart growth. Let us show you how great our programs are. Get in touch today.

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Company Offsites

Often times, the best opportunity to get your team’s full attention, focus and participation is by creating an offsite day experience that allows all attendees to experience a new environment and activities and curriculum outside of their daily operational routine.

Onyx offers corporate offsite programs that deliver enriching team building communication programs, hands-on collaboration and instructional activities, and the ability for employees to connect and build lasting positive relationships with one another.

Management & Executive Retreats

Executive retreats allow your management team to get out of their normal routine, stretch their thinking, grow their leadership skills, and strengthen their communication – all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Customized Experiences for Your Management Team

Whether you want to stay local or travel to a remote location, Onyx offers customized and concierge Executive Retreats combining indoor consulting, outdoor activities and hands-on learning. We bring together our team of professionals to provide top-notch support and organization for your program from our professional outdoor chef, yoga instructor, third-party certified companies that deliver adventure programs, and much more. Our programs are engaging, fulfilling and adventurous, and will leave a lasting impact on your management team.

We Offer Executive Team Consulting, such as:

  • Strategic Planning and Vision Creation
  • Relationship Development
  • Evaluation of Leadership and Communication Styles
  • Guiding Principles and Core Value Assessment
  • Attainable Goal Setting
  • Concierge Retreats can be catered and customized to deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreats through Onyx bring the power of the great outdoors and the goal of living your best life in a healthy manner to groups of all sizes. Focused on the power of a well-balanced life beginning with taking care of oneself, various activities and sessions can be delivered by the professionally trained Onyx team to all participants, allowing them to conclude the program with a greater sense of balance, tranquility and focus on continued healthy habits.

Wellness Program Themes for Retreats:

  • Building Resilient Leaders: Learn tools and habits to build resilience to better handle external pressure
  • Healthy Habits and Productivity: Grow your ability to stay in the present moment, enabling you to be more productive and accomplish more
  • Live Your Best You: Focus on diet, wellness routine, and goal setting while forming relationships and accountability partners to achieve wellness objectives

“As a fast growth company with over 600 employees, we have been holding off-site strategic planning meetings for more than 10 years. The process is usually arduous, but then came Onyx! They made this process completely turnkey resulting in one of the most productive meetings we have ever held. By providing an amazing location, dynamic facilitators, an on-site culinary master, and outdoor experiences, I was able to focus my energy on the outcomes and relationships with my team vs. the details of planning and logistics.”

Amish Shah,CEO, Kem Krest