International Women’s Day & the Value of Celebrating Employees

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Every March, the world collectively celebrates the social, economic and cultural impact and achievements of the strong women throughout history who have paved the way.  It is also an opportunity to look around at the inspiring women who lead and work alongside us to empower the next generation of changemaking women.

Throughout the uncertainty of the past two years, woman who make up 57% of the active workforce, have faced struggles in finding work-life balance, combating burnout at work and managing their mental well-being. According to a recent study by CNBC and SurveyMonkey’s new Woman at Work survey, 65% of working women believe the pandemic has made things worse for women at work. This day also serves as a reminder to companies to take the time to celebrate employees and that creating an environment where people feel recognized, appreciated and valued is not a one-size fit all approach. Employees who feel valued and recognized for their accomplishments derive a powerful sense of meaning and purpose from their work. 

Demonstrating an appreciation for employees and actively recognizing the hard work they put in every day is essential to combat burnout and bolstering company culture. This includes celebrating holidays as well as individual milestones, but also ingraining celebration and recognition into the year round culture of the company. 

Here at Onyx, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible women who break barriers and lead with both strength and generosity every day. Read on to hear a little bit about just a few of the wonderful women of Onyx.

Melissa Lopez
We couldn’t celebrate the women of Onyx and not kick it off with one of our fearless leaders, CEO and co-founder of Onyx Offsites & Trainings, Melissa Lopez. Melissa’s strategic expertise in digital experiences as well as her leadership prowess brought Onyx the vision it needed to help businesses thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic. Before bringing her skills to Onyx, Melissa built another business from the ground up with the help of her 25 years of experience in the marketing industry. Her agency, Katana, LLC was recognized by both the San Diego Business Journal and Inc. 5000 for its insatiable growth. We’re lucky to have Melissa as a visionary and groundbreaking leader here at Onyx.

Julie Fry
You may recognize Julie as the voice of Onyx’s lively and insightful newsletters! As Onyx’s director of sales & marketing, Julie does a lot more than that. Thanks to her 14 years of consultative experience, she helped build Onyx’s client and partnership base into the robust body of work it is today. She’s a marketing communications extraordinaire with her finger on the pulse of all up-and-coming team building and organizational trends. Julie came to Onyx with a goal to unite her personal passion with hard work and it’s clear that she’s passionate about the work she puts in every day. We’re so thankful for Julie’s strategic eye, insightful communication tactics and calming presence.

Allie Dudash
Allie is our corporate operations manager, and everything she does exudes the passion she has for her work. She brings her expertise in human wellness to the programs and services here at Onyx, and it’s thanks to her dedication and careful planning that our clients see the payoff of team building and wellness events. Allie earned her B.S. in Kinesiology and Health and her Masters of Arts in Biology at Miami University. We value her care and compassion and are so grateful to have her on our team!

As a company with so many incredible female leaders to look up to, we aim to celebrate the women of Onyx every day. We invite you to spend today connecting with the inspiring women in your life and continuing to do so past International Women’s Day.

Onyx Offsites and Trainings offers corporate retreats that deliver enriching team building communication programs, hands-on collaboration and instructional activities, and the ability for employees to connect and build lasting positive relationships with one another. Wellness retreats are a great way to bring the power of the great outdoors and the goal of living your best life in a healthy manner to groups of all sizes. Programming will help teams learn new skills, tools and habits to build resilience, encourage healthy habits, and nurture wellness and personal and professional growth. 

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