Team Building Done Differently

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A Team Building in Colorado

Companies and groups that embrace a culture of team development are at an advantage over others. From creative problem solving to healthier communication, team building enhances your team’s strengths and brings to light areas in which your team can improve. What’s more, it can be fun!

We offer fun and creative events that will provide you with tools to keep your team growing long after. The camaraderie drawn from a light-hearted day of creating shared memories provides a platform for discussion, reflection, and change.

Brewery Scavenger Hunt

You might remember scavenger hunts from your younger years. Well, we’ve brought it back with a twist for grownups! First, we’ve partnered with a local tech company to make your hunt an easy-to-use experience all on an iPad or your mobile device. Second, we switched out juice boxes for locally brewed beers. That’s right, we’ve taken your typical brew crawl and turned it into a team adventure filled with laughs, pictures, puzzles, and of course… beer!

Team Olympics

Everyone loves a good challenge. We have designed activities that allow for some good, healthy competition while improving key aspects of your team such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership. We can even theme the activities for summer or winter sports. Each activity will utilize the varied strengths of your team, inspire your group to expand their thinking, and address the areas where they can improve… all while having fun!

Amazing Race

Have you always wanted to try the Amazing Race? Race from location to location with a team while overcoming roadblocks, finding your way through detours, and completing challenges? We designed an adventure where your team can make memories, commit random acts of kindness, and transform your team into a well-oiled machine. Whether the race is held inside or outside, we can build a program that meets your needs.