Holiday Programs

End of Year Celebrations


Merry Mixology

Gather around the virtual bartop and learn to make classic holiday-themed craft cocktails (and mocktails) from our professional mixologist. All ingredients and supplies will be shipped directly to you ahead of time, so all you need to do is to show up thirsty!

Holiday-themed cocktails ideas include an autumn smash, holiday mule, spiced old-fashioned, mulled wine, and more.

Game Show

Perfect for anyone looking for a competitive activity that is full of laughter and fun. Inspired by classic TV game shows such as The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud! Your group will be divided into teams and are guided through various challenge rounds by our Emcee. Each team must work together, strategize and test their knowledge. Guaranteed to be fun for everyone with lots of laughter and learning!

Make it an extra festive experience with our virtual holiday sweater competition.

Cooking up with Classics

Learn techniques to whip up some staple holiday dishes and treats! Join us for a private virtual cooking class led by a professional chef. All necessary ingredients will be delivered directly to your door before the event.

If your team is less inclined to cook for themselves, we can organize a meal delivery of your choice and lead your group through a virtual wine tasting to accompany the different courses.

Sample Program Options:

  • Design Your Own Charcuterie Board
  • Holiday Appetizers That Wow
  • Multiple Course Meal

Wreath Making

Embrace Fall and all its beauty by creating a decorative wreath! Learn how to create your own masterpiece with the help of a professional florist. Foliage and materials will be provided in advance.

Comedians, Magicians, Live Entertainment

Shake things up at your next meeting or provide a special experience for your team with our fun, entertaining show! These highly interactive experiences will surprise even the most seasoned professionals.

Wine Tasting

Learn about the art of wine making from the comfort of your own home! Classically trained sommeliers from California based wineries to teach you all about wine. Sit back and enjoy a glass as our wine educator answers your questions about wine, the industry and the best vineyards to visit. Prior to the event, each participant will receive bottles of wine delivered to their door.

Chocolate Tasting

Learn the art of chocolate making from our classically trained chocolatier! Savor the flavor notes of (8) mini bars of chocolates exclusively selected for the experience while having your questions answered about chocolate making. After the tasting you’ll be able to impress your friends with your newly acquired knowledge!

Paint Party

Bring the paint party to your home with our live interactive painting class. Using artwork designed by a local artist for inspiration, we make it easy for your group to perfect your painting skills. Even those who don't consider themselves an artist will feel like Picasso for a day!

In-Person Programs

Crafting for a Cause

Since this is the season of giving back, your team can choose to Craft for a Cause. Create wonderfully decorated wrapped presents, trim and dress fresh trees, decorate hand-made ornaments and be part of the giving feeling by making donations to the local community. We source non-profit wish lists then utilize your team’s efforts by making inspirational cards, wrapping and gift bags. The selected nonprofit(s) will receive the gifts to those who would otherwise go without.

Sample Activities for this Program Include:

  • Card Making
  • Blanket Making
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping
  • Ornament Decorating
  • Tree Decorating

Bike Build

This is an exciting fast-paced “corporate caring” community service project. Participants leave feeling a strong sense of admiration for their teammates and the company they work for. Upon arrival participants are broken into teams by receiving different color bandanas. The music is playing and the room is abuzz with excitement in the air. Each team will need to participate in several rounds of mind-stumping trivia, action packed challenges, and activities to receive the necessary parts to build their bikes. Once all the rounds are over and the bikes are built, there may be a surprise for your team when the children come running out to receive their bikes. There won’t be a dry eye left in the house!

Holiday Care Packages

There is no better way to enhance your team’s virtual event than adding in a special gift to be delivered directly to their front door before the day of the event! Onyx is excited to provide our clients with some incredible employee gift package options to consider including in your holiday program. All team gifts can also be personalized with your company logo. Connect with your team while enjoying your virtual event and snacking together after receiving one of these delicious special treat deliveries.

Note: Minimum Quantity of 25 per Care Package Order
International Shipping may require additional time and pricing may vary.