Holiday Programs

Gratitude & Giving


Game Show for Good (Charity Game Show)

This team-building program is inspired by classic, popular TV game shows such as The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud! Your group will be divided into teams, each representing a pre-selected charity of their choice and are guided through various challenge rounds by our Game Show Host. Teams must work together, strategize and test their knowledge in order to earn the most points. At the end of the program, the company will donate to the winning team’s charity of choice. Guaranteed to be fun for everyone with lots of laughter, learning and impact!

Virtual Cooking Class

Work your culinary magic as your team is coached by one of our professional chefs while learning the art of sautéing, roasting or baking a delicious meal. Our facilitated virtual cooking class experience provides a memorable celebration that your staff will love. This interactive event features icebreakers and group games, followed by a cooking class with your choice of menu items - appetizer, full meal and/or dessert.

Laughter Yoga

Creating a room full of laughter will connect your group for a session of stress relief and bonding. Whether it’s a corporate lunch hour or conference, our laughter yoga techniques focus on breathing, laughing and eye contact to create interdependence amongst your group.

In-Person Programs

Groceries for Gratitude

This is an exciting community service project participants will work together and compete in challenges to put together care packages with all the fix-ins to create a delicious holiday meal for families in need. Participants will leave the experience feeling a strong sense of connection to the community and their efforts will leave a lasting impact.

Caring Square

This innovative and meaningful program, focused on improving engagement and promises to leave participants with a feeling of goodwill after attending your annual meeting. During this multifaceted social responsibility program, attendees are given the opportunity to work together and give back to the community by designing and building various items to be donated to the nonprofit organizations of your choice.


This exciting team building activity incorporates all of the important characteristics of corporate bonding with an amazing opportunity to help many families in need. Your group will be divided into teams, and each team will compete in a series of can-related activities. The cans of food used throughout the program will be donated to a local food bank featured within the program.