Holiday Programs

New Year/Kickoff


Programs can be conducted in-person or virtually.

Training Programs

Winning Teams

How can you take your team from good to great? The key to team performance rests in three key elements. High performing teams not only possess these three elements, but achieve unmatched alignment and success. This interactive workshop takes an experiential approach, resulting in an engaging and memorable learning experience.

Team Connections

This program will focus on the premise that organizations don't spend enough time on the interactions and relations of building their teams. We present a series of team-building exercises that are fun, interactive and experiential, while promoting learning and growth through group participation and discussion. Your group will be taken through a sequence of initiatives that become more challenging as the team learns and develops new skills. This type of experiential program helps teams to grow and bond together.

Leadership Trainings

Invest In Yourself and Your People - Our consultative leadership training programs focus on strengthening communication, leadership skills, and building resilient leaders. Each program is led by one of our professional development facilitators. Our facilitators have years of organizational leadership experience and various coaching certificates. Experience combined with our experiential learning models make for impactful and fun learning experiences for your teams.

Culture/Values Programs

This full-day program will focus on defining core values and developing principles for your team's success. Through a series of activity-based discussions, the group will identify key core values that everyone can agree on and will be used to guide the decisions which are made on a daily basis. 

Core Values play an active role in daily business practices, they foster confidence and cultivate workplace happiness. Core Values give organizations a strong sense of purpose and operating principles that build a foundation for success. These Core Values will act as the guiding principles for company culture.

Wellness Programs

Vision Board Party

We all have various stimulating factors that drive us to work hard towards our professional and personal goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This hands-on activity provides your team a platform to create a vision plan for themselves which can then be shared allowing your team to support one another’s goals. We’ll provide an outline of topic areas prior to the program (i.e. family, travel, hobbies, personal growth, professional goals), plus a framework for collecting visuals and text to best represent their personal vision.

5 Pillars of Wellness

This 90 minute facilitated wellness experience focuses on the 5 key components to a holistic wellness approach. Leaders will access their strengths and weaknesses in all areas and leave with a strategic wellness plan that can be applied in coaching their team members.

Heat Situations

In today's complex and disruptive world, leaders are learning through "trial by fire" - often by getting thrown into experiences they haven't encountered yet in order to keep up with the organization and external environment's continuous change.  Often these experiences are what propels them into their next levels of leadership and responsibility. Unfortunately, too often organizations do not critically think about the appropriate heat experience for leaders. Too much heat can leave workers feeling burnt out and overwhelmed but not enough and leaders might start to become disengaged and look elsewhere for these opportunities. 

5K Fun Run

A 5K Fun Run is a great way to ignite any meeting or event - sparking positive energy, team camaraderie, health, well-being and of course some good ol' competition! Whether you are a competitive runner or just walking for fun, this invigorating activity has plenty to offer. The course weaves in and out of the designated 5K location, as well as the surrounding area. Our emcee will prepare your group with some morning ice- breakers, warm-ups, and get to know yous. Then, the run/walk begins, and after an invigorating morning cardio workout, your group will re-join at the finish line with the option of ending the program with a donation to a local non-profit!

Team Building/Charitable Team Events

Caring Square

This innovative and meaningful program, focused on improving engagement and promises to leave participants with a feeling of goodwill after attending your annual meeting. During this multifaceted social responsibility program, attendees are given the opportunity to work together and give back to the community by designing and building various items to be donated to the nonprofit organizations of your choice.

Custom Project

Looking for curated giving experience exclusively available to your team? We customize projects for small and large groups to match the cause of choice. Let us leverage our non-profit relationships and create a unique project for your team. 


This exciting team-building activity incorporates all of the important characteristics of giving while at the same time promoting corporate bonding. Your group will be divided into teams and each team will compete in a series of can-related activities. The cans of food used throughout the program will be donated to a local food bank.

Team Olympics

Your group is divided into teams and competes against each other in a series of challenges. The team with the most points at the end stands proud with their "gold" medals. Provide your team an opportunity to reignite their enthusiasm for the work that you do through fun, wacky challenges, and a day of outdoor adventure.