Virtual Programs

Food & Drink


Pour Over the People

A Virtual Coffee Experience
Wanting to take your coffee game to the next level? We’ve got just the experience for you. Pour Over is art mixed with science - from grams of coffee to the temperature of the water, there is a lot to learn and we have you covered. Join our coffee expert Danielle for a 1-hour experience that will leave you buzzing. Participants will receive packages of single and double origin roasts prior to the event. Add-on pour-over kits for a truly professional experience!

Chocolate Tasting

Savor the Flavors
Learn the art of chocolate making from our classically trained chocolatier! Savor the flavor notes of (8) mini bars of chocolates exclusively selected for the experience while having your questions answered about chocolate making.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Swirl, Sip and Savor
Learn about the art of wine making from the comfort of your own home! Classically trained sommeliers from California based wineries to teach you all about wine. Sit back and enjoy a glass as our wine educator answers your questions about wine, the industry and the best vineyards to visit. Prior to the event, each participant will receive (3) 375ml bottles of wine.

Virtual Beer Tasting

Raise a Glass to Your Team
Elevate your beer knowledge with a virtual tasting led by a professionally trained Cicerone!

As you sip and savor the flavors of each beer, we’ll answer your questions about beer making, the industry, and various breweries.

Virtual Art of Mixology

Happy Hour in Your Own Home
Craft popular libations like the Mint Julep, Old Fashion and Martini with the help of our professional mixologist. This interactive event will start with a group activity to kick things off. Next, our virtual bartender is on hand to teach you all about the art of mixology. Finally, sit back and sip on your libations as our mixologist answers your questions about various spirits and the art of making delicious cocktails.

Virtual Whiskey Tasting

A Moment to Learn and Unwind
Keep your spirits up at home with our interactive tasting experience. Produced on the Zoom platform, our interactive event will start with a group activity to kick things off. Next, one of our professionals is on hand to teach you all about your favorite distilled beverage. Finally, swirl, sniff, sip and appraise a variety of whiskeys as our mixologist answers your questions about the history and distilling process.

Virtual Culinary Camaraderie

Fire Up Your Skills
Master the art of cooking from the comfort of your own home! Work your culinary magic as your team is coached by one of our professional chefs while learning the art of sautéing, roasting or baking a delicious meal. Our facilitated virtual cooking class experience provides a memorable celebration that your staff will love.

This interactive event features icebreakers and group games, followed by a cooking class with your choice of menu items - appetizer, full meal or dessert, many options exist!

Grow to Love

Plants Your Roots Together
2-Program Series
Indulge your team in artistic creativity as each participant builds their own window herb garden, which will be fun and engaging for everyone, resulting in a fresh herb garden in everyone’s home. Led by a professional gardener, participants will also have the opportunity for Q&A to discuss gardening and growing tips.

Follow up 1-2 months later with a professional chef-led cooking class using recipes that incorporate herbs grown in their garden!