Virtual Programs

Growth & Wellness


Virtual Team Wellness

Body, Mind and Spirit
During this global COVID-19 health crisis, taking care of your mind and body remains as important as ever. Go beyond the standard workout video and help create connection between virtual team members through our Team Wellness Programs. Team workouts include ice breaker activities, individual and family wellness plans, and post-workout discussions.

Creating a Culture of Resilience

Get Stronger Together
Onyx is one of few companies in the United States certified to lead the Challenge of Change program.

This program is based on 30 years of research and includes an individual assessment tool and 2 hours of virtual education. Participants learn why some people are able to operate under high levels of pressure and not become stressed, while others are not. Leaders will learn the Challenge of Change method and how they can use it to build individual and organizational resilience for the long term.

Leadership Trainings

Invest In Yourself and Your People
Our consultative leadership training programs focus on strengthening communication, leadership skills, and building resilient leaders. Each program is led by one of our professional development facilitators. Our facilitators have years of organizational leadership experience and various coaching certificates. Experience combined with our experiential learning models make for impactful and fun learning experiences for your teams.

Virtual Vision Board Party

Build & Share Your Dreams With Others
We all have various stimulating factors that drive us to work hard towards our professional and personal goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This hands-on activity provides your team a platform to create a vision plan for themselves which can then be shared allowing your team to support one another’s goals. We’ll provide an outline of topic areas prior to the program (i.e. family, travel, hobbies, personal growth, professional goals), plus a framework for collecting visuals and text to best represent their personal vision.

Virtual 5K Run

Take Your Team to the Streets
A virtual 5k is a great way to spark positive energy, create social connections, promote wellness, and most of all raise money for great local charities working hard to support those in need during this time!