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We have enhanced our business leadership, team training, and offsite services and updated our brand to match. Welcome to Onyx Offsites and Training

Elevate Your workforce.

If you are familiar with the services and programs that Positive Adventures provides, you already know the quality of work and professionalism we provide. We have upgraded, transformed, and modified our programs to improve the results and benefits, making it possible for your team to experience lasting change. Check out our services


Our promise is simple - we create experiences that unify teams and restore faith in humanity.

Our Story

Onyx Offsites and Trainings is an evolution of Positive Adventures LLC™, a 15 year old company with an impeccable reputation with top brands and Fortune 500 companies. We transformed from something that is well established, loved, and admired, because we saw a need to elevate our services to meet the changing times.

Our name, Onyx, was chosen during a time of global uncertainty. Every human on the planet was learning how to manage change and deal with adversity. The Onyx Stone enhances perseverance, humility and morals. With focus, it purifies negative emotion and builds spiritual strength.

Onyx Offsites and Trainings was created to push people to their full potential and follow our global mission of doing good.

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We've been doing this for years.

Since 2005, we have had over 100,000 participants experience our unique offerings. Like all great companies we learned and grew each year, perfecting our programs and clients’ experience to emerge as a true leader in our industry. Trust in Onyx to deliver on our promise, just like the hundreds of other companies we call partners!

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